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I had to come out of hiatus and wish the Queen a very Happy Birthday!!!!


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Janet Jackson’s iconic choreographies

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    Janet Jackson


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YES JANET YES (My exact reaction)

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Janet Jackson 1982/2009


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Merry Christmas to all of you. If you are not having a great day, if you are not able to spend time with those you love, if you are feeling lonely, depressed, or just not in the spirit — it’s ok. Blast some Janet or any other music you love, watch your favorite TV show (laugh your ass off), eat your favorite meal, take a walk, enjoy the fact that you are alive. If this year brought you more sadness — it’s ok. A newer and better year is coming. You are loved. If no one has told you they loved you today or any day let me tell you this. I love you. I know we’ve never met but I do. Have a good day. No have an amazing day. It will be over quicker than you know it.

Janet’s music saved me today.  I was so upset this morning and I just had to put on “Better Days” by Janet and take a walk and I felt so much better.  Queen Janet is amazing lol